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Next Gen of 3D Modeling and Texturing

This is about the next gen of 3D modeling and texturing at ARC, but first, I’m so sorry I’ve been away for so long.  I really needed to reset my whole life, and I’ve done so by loving God, loving my wife, and loving my children, putting all their needs first.  So, I moved all the extra work to the side… clients, video training, art, research, web dev., social media, …everything. The Next Gen of 3D Modeling and Texturing Last semester, I changed Intro to 3D Modeling.  We didn’t just model, but went through a major change of unwrapping and…

2016 3D Character Modeling

I’m so pumped! I made the showreel the same night my students presented their work. Here it is! 2016 3D Character Modeling from Matthew L. Stoehr on Vimeo. One student, Charles Kinter, took it upon himself to 3D print the characters. I’m really excited to hold their work in my hand.

Student Success List

If you or someone you know has a success story, and they were in my classroom at some point in the past, please let me know so I can add them to this list of successes. It’s time to start a log of student success. I’ve been teaching at American River College since 2002. Since then, my methods for teaching have evolved. When I try new techniques in the classroom, or introduce new projects, I try to predict the long term impact it may have. That said, after looking at student success over the last ten years, I can confidently…

Enroll with ARC for 3D Modeling and Animation

Hey Readers and Prospective Students, I want you to know 3D Modeling and Animation at ARC is really REALLY different than it was even 5 years ago, and I want you back in my classroom.     I want you to be successful, because your success is my success.  And I want that.  So, the more I help you be successful, then the more likely I am successful, too.   If you’re struggling with getting a job or creating a job, then I think it’s time you joined me in the classroom again.   Technology has greatly shifted in our favor,…

2014-15 3D Modeling Showreel

This is student work from the course Introduction to 3D Modeling, Art New Media 420 at American River College. This showreel has student work from Fall 2014, Spring 2015, and Fall 2015. 2014-15 3D Modeling Showreel from Matthew L. Stoehr on Vimeo.

2013 Showreel

This 2013 Showreel is just a fraction of the best work produced by the students in my classroom. However, these individuals strongly represent the caliber of craftsmanship in the classroom. This year’s highlights included major changes in the way I teach modeling and texturing, and the results are awesome. The shaders are better, the textures are better, and the modeling still continues to impress me. New tools in randomization and distribution of scene made some spectacular results. I’d like to single out a few people who have shown incredible improvement, and deserve far more than an excellent letter grade for…

3D Character Animation Fall 2012

I’m proud to showcase the student work of the 3D Character Animation. This course is the core course the 3D Animation certificate. It is only offered once every two years due to the budget cuts to California community college education. Regardless of the cuts, the classroom is full, and each student has their own unique goal in mind, as you can see in the video. For most of these students it is their very first animation course in 3D, and was a long but fruitful sixteen weeks. I hope you enjoy! 3D Character Animation, Fall 2012 from Matthew L. Stoehr…

3D Character Modeling

I’m very proud to exhibit student work from Spring 2012 course, 3D Character Modeling. In this course the emphasis is on a strict adherence to the references designed by some other artist. Most of the character designs were produced in the course Art New Media 372 Character Design, offered every Fall semester at American River Collage and taught by Betty Nelsen. Ideally, theses characters would then be taken into a rigging course, and then an animation course. Unfortunately, a rigging course has not been offered at ARC since before the budget cuts began in California’s community colleges. There were over…

Fall 2012 3D Modeling Showreel

3D Modeling produced by the students in Fall 2012 of the Art New Media course titled, 420 Introduction to 3D Modeling. This is the prerequisite course to all other tier two courses in 3D Animation at American River College. All of this work was produced in Autodesk Maya 2013. Course Description: This course introduces computer 3D modeling, lighting, and rendering, using industry standard software. The primary focus of this course is modeling using polygons, surfaces, and curves. Other areas of focus include studio lighting and simulated lighting, such as global illumination and color bleeding, to produce quality demo reel renders…

ARC 3D Animation Show Reel 2012

Please welcome the all new American River College, Art New Media, 3D Animation show reel of 2012.  In here you’ll find some of the best student work in Art New Media. A very special THANK YOU to all the students who have stepped up their production and commitment to their work.   I’m very proud of your efforts.

ARC 3D Animation 2005-08

This is a show reel of my student’s work from the years 2005 – 2008.  It includes work from the following courses; Introduction to 3D Modeling, 3D Texturing and Special Effects, 3D Character Modeling and Rigging, 3D Character Animation, 3D Short Film, and the experimental course 3D Human Head.  I’m very proud of my student’s accomplishments.  ARC 3D Animation Show Reel for 2008 – 2010 is coming very soon.