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Sherman Tank Earns Checkmate Pro!

The Sherman Tank model is recognized and received Checkmate Pro from! Checkmate Pro isn’t easy to get, and this guarantees our models are well made and ready to go. This model took a year to develop, and is modeled and textured by Brian Jacome. Materials, lighting, and rendering are by me, Matthew. I’ve learned more and more about lighting and color management, and the next one should be even better. The next step is to deliver the rigged and animated version of this tank. Congratulations to Brian Jacome, Jordan Kohler (setting up the tread, teeth, and gears), and my…

Sherman Tank on Turbosquid!

Sherman M4A3E2 “Jumbo” Tank is delivered! Two members of my team, Brian Jacome and Jordan Kohler, have been working on this Sherman tank for the last year. Brain Jacome was responsible for the modeling and texturing, while Jordan Kohler lead the rigging and UI development. These last several days I’ve been lighting, organizing, making mistakes, and rendering, and rendering some more. Well, it’s finally out the door. At least, the static model is delivered to Turbosquid. Next I’ll work on delivering the rigged version, maybe with a bit of animation. That’s where Jordan’s work will shine. It’s been a pleasure…

Spade Shovel – Checkmate Pro!

Another model earns checkmate pro status on Turbosquid! Modeled by Jonathan Camacho. Rendered by Matthew L. Stoehr.

Human Brain Earns Check Mate Pro!

A second model made by Form and Space earns Check Mate Pro status at Turbosquid! Congratulations to Ian Berget, the modeler for the Human Brain. A job well done! A potential buyer asked me if all the parts of the brain are separate, yes! they are all separate. Our next task is to animate the Brain to expose all the individual parts. If you’re interested in buying this fantastic model please go here.

Human Brain on Turbosquid!

Hi readers, I’m catchin up n news tonight, but thought you’d like to know I published one more fantastic model on Turbosquid. It’s modeled by Ian Berget, and he has created this brain with incredible detail. If your end product is medical design or education or zombie movies, please click the image below, and get some brains! We really appreciate the support!

Alligator Earns Checkmate Pro!

I’m super proud to announce our alligator delivered successfully AND it received Checkmate Pro status from the staff. This is a big boost for us. Special kudos to Jonathan Camacho for such an amazing job modeling this very detailed alligator.

Siamese Cat on Turbosquid

Siamese Cat Model For Sale On Turbosquid Modeled and textured by Jonathan Camacho Lighting and rendering by Matthew L. Stoehr

HUGE Summer Sale 50%!

This is a HUGE summer sale! Beginning today, from July 11 – August 9, the next four weeks, you can get any training at Form and Space for 50% off! That’s crazy!! Half off?!? Introduction to 3D Modeling in Maya 3D Texturing Volume I 3D Texturing Volume II 3D Rigging and Rig Building Volume I

3D Model: Stylus and Holder

Here’s a stylus and holder I modeled a few years ago.  As a member of Turbosquid, this is my first model to be posted for sale.  It’s yours for a nominal price.