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Image by Seth Wolford

Student Success List

Matthew | April 25, 2016

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If you or someone you know has a success story, and they were in my classroom at some point in the past, please let me know so I can add them to this list of successes.

It’s time to start a log of student success. I’ve been teaching at American River College since 2002. Since then, my methods for teaching have evolved. When I try new techniques in the classroom, or introduce new projects, I try to predict the long term impact it may have. That said, after looking at student success over the last ten years, I can confidently state that offering course content that has a holistic exhibition of 3D production (film type) in each course has a very positive result on the student in the long term. As the professor at a 2-year college, freshman and sophomore level, I don’t get to see the results of my hard work. Most students move on in under 2-years. They transfer, they get work, or they move on to something else. Most of the time I don’t hear from these students. Some of them don’t want to admit they started at a community college. I understand why someone wouldn’t want to admit that they had started at a CC. As the student’s career develops, and they get better and better, they should have no lack of self-confidence to admit where they started. Some are very proud of their first 2-years, or first 2 semesters. I’m always happy to hear from them. Most important, I get a chance to brag about their success and that it started with me. 🙂 Many of the successes listed below are due to the great networks that the 4-year university they chose had to offer them. However, I’m confident the “bug” or “spark” they needed to go for big projects and notable work was inspired in my classroom.

American River College Notable Alumni in Art New Media

The following list with be formatted as:
their last year of study, student name, notable employers/projects, 4-year undergraduate school, and hyperlink to their site/portfolio.

2003, Jared Kuharski, Smooth Shift

J. Kuharski, Martian Surface, 3D render

J. Kuharski, Martian Surface, 3D render

2004, Ryan Monday, Havok

2004, Steve Parker, Web Developer at PMC

2004, Ryan Rogers, Method Studios, Cogswell Poytechnical

2013 Ryan Rogers Tech Anim Demo Reel from Ryan Rogers on Vimeo.

2005, Laura Bayard, Adion Future Designs

2005 Alan Weider, CSU Chico, Dreamworks

Alan Weider ShowReel 2015 from Alan Weider on Vimeo.

2005, Jason Cole, Crytek, Portfolio

Animation Reel from Jason Cole on Vimeo.

2005, George Thompson, Self-employed

2005, Winston Thrasher, CSU Chico

2008, Seth Wolford, Self-employed Contract Game Artist


2010, Matthew Roper, Capital Games/5th Planet Games

2011, Jacob Wade, Capital Games

2013, Justin Schwieger, CSU Chico (BA & Masters), CSU Chico (Graduate Assistant in Game Dev.)

2013, Timothy Smitley, Hacker Lab

2013, Jonathan Camacho, Self-employed

Jonathan M. Camacho 3d Modeling and Texturing Demo Reel 2013 from Jonathan Camacho on Vimeo.

2013, Armin Masoumi, Sofal


2013, Steven Mortensen, Crystal Dynamics

Steven Mortensen Graduation Demo Reel 2014 from steven on Vimeo.

2014, Cody Johnson,

2015, Ian Berget, Elara Systems Inc.

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