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Branch Script

MEL: Branch and Branch Clusters

Matthew | November 23, 2015

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In the past three weeks I have been recording and developing the video content for Chapter 8 of Introduction to 3D Modeling in Maya, 2nd Edition. In this chapter I teach you how to use rigging and dynamic tools, like motion path animation and rigid body dynamics, to create a plant object. In this 2nd edition I’m creating a coconut tree.

The development time is too great to make the whole tree and peripheral plant-life in the time we have, so I’ve developed a couple of additional tools to speed things up a bit.

They are yours to use as you wish. The first tool creates a branch-like object based on the length of the curve. Simply draw curves and run the mls_branch MELscript. The second tool is to help speed up the modeling process of the lattice created by the mls_branch script. The instructions are at the top of each bit of code, and are very simple to use.

These scripts work well together, and they work well separately.

Download scripts here or to the right.

Branch Script

Branch Script

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