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Teapot, by Yekaterina Skryagina

2013 Showreel

Matthew | December 21, 2013

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This 2013 Showreel is just a fraction of the best work produced by the students in my classroom. However, these individuals strongly represent the caliber of craftsmanship in the classroom. This year’s highlights included major changes in the way I teach modeling and texturing, and the results are awesome. The shaders are better, the textures are better, and the modeling still continues to impress me. New tools in randomization and distribution of scene made some spectacular results.

I’d like to single out a few people who have shown incredible improvement, and deserve far more than an excellent letter grade for their work. These three people are Ian Berget, Yekaterina Skryagina, and Armin Masoumi. Each had their own personal struggles with 3D content in the beginning, but each have burst through their barriers and have produced fantastic work! Congratulations to all three!

Here it is.

2013 Showreel from Matthew L. Stoehr on Vimeo.

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