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3D Character Modeling

Matthew | February 3, 2013

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I’m very proud to exhibit student work from Spring 2012 course, 3D Character Modeling. In this course the emphasis is on a strict adherence to the references designed by some other artist. Most of the character designs were produced in the course Art New Media 372 Character Design, offered every Fall semester at American River Collage and taught by Betty Nelsen.

Ideally, theses characters would then be taken into a rigging course, and then an animation course. Unfortunately, a rigging course has not been offered at ARC since before the budget cuts began in California’s community colleges. There were over 30 people in this course and here are 10 of them. Some choose to take a more game model, high res in Zbrush approach, most elected to focus on the high polygon approach in Maya. I’m very excited to share this work. Enjoy! Also view this at vimeo.

Further information on Art New Media 421 Description

This course is a continuation of ARTNM 420. Industry techniques and issues related to humanoid character modeling are analyzed and applied. Industry issues, such as the topology flow of human anatomy, facial blend targets, and joint correction, are developed. Clothing, hair, and accessories are added to the characters, strictly following concept designs.

Model by Sam Cabading, Design by Ashley Young

Model by Sam Cabading
Design by Ashley Young

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