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Fall 2012 3D Modeling Showreel

Matthew | January 11, 2013

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3D Modeling produced by the students in Fall 2012 of the Art New Media course titled, 420 Introduction to 3D Modeling. This is the prerequisite course to all other tier two courses in 3D Animation at American River College. All of this work was produced in Autodesk Maya 2013.

Course Description:

This course introduces computer 3D modeling, lighting, and rendering, using industry standard software. The primary focus of this course is modeling using polygons, surfaces, and curves. Other areas of focus include studio lighting and simulated lighting, such as global illumination and color bleeding, to produce quality demo reel renders of the models. Software application tools are applied to produce images for use in fine art, design, broadcast, film, games, and the Web.

More information about this course:

Learning Outcomes and Objectives
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • create portfolio quality polygon meshes based on found objects.
  • create portfolio quality polygon meshes by translating a 2D image to a 3D object.
  • compare and contrast form and space to shape and line.
  • research industry standard modeling techniques.
  • critique the level of realism and believability of images, according to industry standards.
  • create portfolio quality images of a still life from found objects.

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