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Softimage Love

Matthew | October 6, 2011


Some of you know I’m in love with Autodesk Softimage, previously known as Softimage XSI. I can’t help it. I’ll make statements about how wonderful it is to teach with Softimage… while in the middle of teaching Maya. Why did I switch to Maya? Survival. Economics. Being Realistic are my answers, and it has worked out very well for my classroom, student retention, and completion is higher than ever before. Maya’s name precedes itself. Do I love Maya like I love Softimage? Well…

I’ve identified a problem.

I want more, or all, of my students to know how easily they can create and how wonderful their work can be using Softimage. That their workflow can be simple, intuitive, and object oriented. There’s very little training with a good solid curriculum.

My answer to the problem. I’m going to create the video training based on 10 years of curriculum development. I believe in my curriculum. I believe that you’ll fall in love with Softimage, too. Perhaps, you’ll find no use for any of the other 3d software out there, and that you’ll be wondering why it is that Autodesk doesn’t LOVE Softimage like Matthew L. Stoehr loves it. I know I’m not alone out there in my love for Softimage.

On a lighter note, the work below should get you excited to use Softimage.

1. Another Softimage lover,

2. My most inspiring master of Softimage, Bernard Haux,

3. V-Ray is now open for public beta testing for Softimage.

4. This video of a short animation with all 3D elements produced in Softimage.

Drown To Life from Mauro Affronti on Vimeo.

5. Thiago Costa, Lead Technical Director at Ubisoft, inspiration for many new users of Softimage,

6. Other misc. sexy videos showcasng ice.

Project Osiris – Analysis from Vladimir Jankijevic on Vimeo.

7. Getting started with ICE at Digital Tutors

8. Bradley Gabe – XSI Technical Artist (I just realized today I have XSI SDK development files on my harddrive for several years, of which, Bradley is an author.) Check out his ICE sessions.

2 responses to “Softimage Love”

  1. mwilhite says:

    Some pretty cool stuff! I installed Softimage a few days and have played with it some. The Face Robot looks pretty awesome.

  2. Matthew says:

    Added Bradley Gabe to the list.

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