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Introduction to 3D Modeling In Maya, 2nd Edition

Introduction to 3D Modeling in Maya, 2nd Edition

Matthew | August 24, 2015

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  • Price: $60
  • Length: 32.7 hrs
  • Release Date: August 24, 2015

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Introduction to 3D Modeling in Maya, 2nd Edition is perfect for a beginner or professional learning to model in Maya 2016. This training covers topics ranging from navigation and selections to modeling complex and sophisticated pieces, such as a realistic dog and a spiraling staircase for architectural renderings. Topics include polygon modeling, surface and curve modeling, and rendering for presentation or portfolio. Specific topics within polygon modeling include extrusions and edge looping for Box Modeling. Construction modeling is covered in detail, involving bridging edges, combining meshes manually and with automated boolean procedures. Surface and curve modeling covers topics like how to create curves from curves and how to create surfaces from curves, and then, polygon objects from surfaces.

Additionally, nearly every chapter in Intro to 3D Modeling has a finale of 30-70 minutes spent on presentation of your models. Within these hours time is spent on materials, lighting, and rendering. Also, much time spent showing tricks of the trade using the Mental Ray render engine, such as use of IBL, or image-based lighting, use of Final gathering for color bleeding effects, and how to use objects as lights sources. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at
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How To Setup Your Training Videos

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Chapter 9 Introduction to 3D Modeling in Maya 2nd edition

This image is the final product. All models are composed into a final scene with lessons on layout, lighting, and rendering.

The images below are a few examples of what you could create from this video series.

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This training in dedicated to my wife, Karmen, for tolerating me as I focused and loving me when I needed it most. Thank you.



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