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Intro to 3D Modeling training

Intro to 3D Modeling in Maya

Matthew | February 24, 2013

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  • Price: $60.00
  • Length: 16 hours 53 min
  • Release Date: August 2012

Intro to 3D Modeling in Maya gives you the essential skills for you to excel with 3D modeling in Maya. In addition, it will prepare you for the next steps in texturing, rigging, and animation. These video’s are high quality HD resolution, and are not node locked. From an artist’s perspective, this training series provides you with 17 hours, ranging from the basics of computer 3D modeling to sophisticated modeling techniques. Matthew will guide you through eight chapters from transforming primitives to a composite render of a turntable. Topics covered include topology, interface, box modeling, surface and curve modeling, arrays and controlling instances, procedural modeling using MELscripts, scene layout and management, and rendering and compositing. Later in this series, Matthew will show you how to modify and run custom MELscripts to create and manage a large amount of objects. In this modeling training, the rendering and compositing is limited to what a modeler needs for proper presentation and critique from their colleagues; occlusion and wireframes, with a small section on specular shading and final gathering. This training is designed for the beginner and intermediate skilled artist. If you’ve never modeled in Maya before and/or have no 3D experience, then I highly recommend starting with Chapter 1 and work your way through, in order. Here’s an example of Matthew’s final turntable made in this training.

For my most up-to-date preferences for Maya, click here.

Examples of student work

Introduction to 3D Modeling Showreel Fall 2012 from Matthew L. Stoehr on Vimeo.


Title Length Sample 1 Sample 2 Vimeo Price Buy
Chapter 1 1 hr 4 min View View $8 Buy
Basics of Modeling, Preferences Explained, The Status Line, Attribute Editor, Channelbox, Project Directory, Navigation & Selection, The Outliner, Transformations, Pivot Points, Spaces Explained (World, Object, Local, Normal Average)
Chapter 2 2 hrs 25 min View View $8 Buy
Setup Reference, Layout Stack of Boxes, Three Edge Rule, SubD Rule, Single Axis Objects, Extrusion and Extrusion Manipulation, Edge Looping, Model a Cup and Pin, Extrusion along Curve, Using Input/output nodes, Ribbed Cup and Mug
Chapter 3 124 mins View View $8 Buy
Strategies for Combining Meshes, High to Low Transitions, handling triangle, Booleans the Right Way, Splitting Polygons, Cut and Combine at Arbitrary Angles, 2D to 3D Custom Primitives, Model a Monopoly House, Pipe: A Boolean Problem, Model a Wood Doll
Chapter 4 179 min View $8 Buy
Explore Curve Components and Tools, Create Surfaces from Curves, Explore Surface Components and Tools, Using Revolve, Extrusion, Loft, Model the Teapot with Curves and Surfaces, Convert Surfaces to Polygons, Teapot-Post Convert to Poly, Localized Symmetry, Tight Attention to Detail
Chapter 5 191 min View $8 Buy
Model the Cat’s Body, Box Modeling, Symmetry, Instance, Reflection Modeling, Soft Selection, Tweak Modeling, Strategy for 6-Edge Stars, Cat’s Face, Based on Human Face Looping, Edge Looping for Animation, Cat’s Saddle, Live Mesh Modeling, Clothing Matching Body, Cleanup, Prepare for Export
Chapter 6 100 min View $8 Buy
Arrays and Instances, Duplicate with Transform, Explore Duplicate Special, 1d, 2d, 3d, Radial, and Spiral Arrays, Instances with Parent and Child, Instances Managing Materials, Analysis of Reference, Grid, and Units, Scale and Granularity Issues, Model the Spiraling Staircase
Chapter 7 110 min View View $8 Buy
Motion Path, MELscript, Multi-Objects on Path, Randomize Script, Path Constraint Script, Path Constraint Script, Locators to CVs script, and Randomize Scripts, Model the Grapes using Rigging Principles
Chapter 8 105 min View $8 Buy
Scene Layout, Export/Import of Models, MEL Customize Shelfs, Camera and Object Layout, Light and Shadow Layout, Rendering and Composite of Occlusion, Color, and Wireframe Rendering, Proper Final Gathering for Animation, Specular Shading, Physical Sky Sun, Final Composite in Softimage

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