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3D Rigging and Rig Building – Volume I

Matthew | April 12, 2014

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  • Price: 40.00
  • Length: 12.65 Hours
  • Release Date: April 10, 2014

Table of Contents

3D Rigging and Rig Building will guide you through the process of articulating movement for characters in Autodesk Maya. In this volume, Matthew places much emphasis on the creation of rigs for any digital asset, not just bi-pedals. He begins this process by explaining all the nuances of parenting in Maya. He then takes you through a long process of analysis, synthesis, and automation of a camera rig using MEL script. If this is your first time writing in MEL or writing code ever, no worries, Matthew takes you through an introductory hour on MEL script. Additionally, Matthew explains each command use and scripting strategy throughout the creation of MEL scripts. Matthew will show you how to create user interfaces with MEL script for use with tools you design to help your rigging process. Then Matthew takes you through a process to create the classic bouncing ball; always with the animator’s needs in mind. The bouncing ball begins with an analysis of the needs, the sketching the rig with standard squash and stretch. Then Matthew takes in bouncing ball further, and adds automated squash and stretch controls with a smart setup using lattices, expressions, and more. Finally, the bouncing ball is finished with a full UI and an easy-to-use controller to automatically enable and disable the bouncing ball UI on the fly; no shelves required. The fundamentals laid down in Volume I are essential skills for the Maya rigger, and make the transition to bipedal, quadrupedal, spider, machine, and other rigs manageable and even fun to create. Welcome the art of creating digital puppets and toys! Toys that you get to tell stories with over and over again.


Title Length Sample 1 Sample 2 Vimeo Price Buy
Chapter 1 70 Min View View $10.00 Buy
Chapter 1 topics include parent and child relationships, transform node and shape node analysis, a thorough look at the group, xform command, and pivot points, and the transform manipulators. If you already have experience in another software, then this is stuff you need to know first.
Chapter 2 80 Min View View $10.00 Buy
Chapter 2 topics include an overview of the rigging process, including the methodologies of rigging, and the creation of controllers used by the animator. If this is your first time rigging ever, then this is the place to start.
Chapter 3 - Part 1 94 Min View View $10.00 Buy
Chapter 3 Part 1 topics include an analysis of the default camera rig that comes with Maya, a reverse engineering of the camera rig, and a thorough demonstration on three unique ways to find the distance between two points in space, used for the focal distance of the camera.
Chapter 3 - Part 2 104 Min View View $10.00 Buy
Chapter 3 Part 2 topics include an introduction to MEL scripting with a close look at the most commonly used elements of coding (as far as Matthew is concerned), create an Export All MEL script for export your selection into individual files, and rebuild the camera rig after this complete analysis.
Chapter 3 - Part 3 119 Min View View $10.00 Buy
Chapter 3 Part 3 topics include creating the previous camera rig entirely with MEL script, as your first auto-rig in Maya, complete with user interface, and parents itself to the selection.
Chapter 4 - Part 1 109 Min View View $10.00 Buy
Chapter 4 Part 1 topics include creating a classic bouncing ball rig, then expanding upon the classic rig, adding squash and stretch functionality unlike the common rig, using a squash plane, lattices, and expressions to solve the rig.
Chapter 4 - Part 2 66 Min View View $10.00 Buy
Chapter 4 Part 2 topics include a detailed creation of a tool with a complete user interface that can lock and hide attributes on an number of selected objects, and additionally lock or unlock the controllers, prevent production problems, like accidental deletion of controllers. A useful tool for all future rigs.
Chapter 4 - Part 3 118 Min View View $10.00 Buy
Chapter 4 Part 3 topics include the creation of a sophisticated user interface to be the companion of the bouncing ball rig, with unique interactivity, like showing and hide the UI from the flip of a switch, and without the use of shelves.
3D Rigging and Rig Building Volume I - Content $40.00 Buy
3D Rigging and Rig Building Volume I - Content includes the Super Bouncing Ball scene, the development for the camera rig, the development scene for the animation controllers, the animation controllers as individual .ma files, and all the scripts created throughout the recordings; with a couple extras. Scripts included are mls_cameraAutoRig and UI, mls_lockHideAttr and UI, all Super Bouncing Ball scripts and UI, mls_exportAllIndividually, with bonus scripts, match_transforms, and neutral_pose_v04. Finally, the documents and slide shows used in the production of the training videos, as well as all the introductory MEL script examples are included.

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