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Character Modeling Vol. 1

3D Character Modeling – Volume I

Matthew | August 24, 2014

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  • Price: $40.00
  • Length: 12 hours 37 minutes
  • Release Date: August 24, 2014

In this training, 3D Character Modeling Volume I, Matthew will guide you through a process of polygon modeling a character in Autodesk Maya 2015. You will learn how to search for, prepare, and organize reference imagery to assist in the modeling process.  Matthew will teach you to fully use and understand the traditional 3d modeling process, commonly called Box Modeling, using tools such as Extrude and Insert Edge Loop.  Matthew will show you how to use the Modeling Toolkit to expedite modeling.   The flow of topology is a constant priority to support strong deformation and UV mapping.  We start with the torso, work our way to arms and legs, then hands and feet, then neck and head, and finally digits.   Detailed explanations of facial edge looping, as well as, strategies for digit creation and localization of complex geometry are covered in this volume.  Nearly every minute of the creation process is recorded, from the preparation of image references and starting with a cube, to the final tweaks of vertices and putting underwear on the character.

Excerpt from Volume I

Topology is critical to all aspects of the 3d process. Deformations of the shoulders, blend targets of the face, clean UV layouts, and adding effects such as fur, hair, or cloth are all dependent on a the topology flow. To know the topology flow is to know the character’s role, and the final output of the project. For short film, you may require more polygons, and tighter close-ups of the camera. Whereas, a mobile game may only require a distant camera, and deformation requirements may not be nearly as demanding. Regardless of whether the model is low-poly for games or high-poly for cinema, the flow of the topology defines the quality of the deformation, surface textures, and effects.

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