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Particles Again

I’ve created several variations of the particle system, and here’s one of them. I’d like to expose a bunch of the variables to the user. Then you’d have interactive control over the creation of the particles. Maybe as an app for mobile devices… Here it is. Hover your mouse over the circle in the center to get the “feel” for the particles. Holding shift while clicking on the particles will spawn more, and click + dragging will allow you to move them around. Update April 18, 2012

Particle System

Inspired by the work I’m doing at Elara Systems Inc., learning and training ICE in Softimage, I’ve reopened some files from 2008. This is created in Flash AS3. It has three classes, a particle systems, emitter, and particle. Click once to start, then click any particle to spawn more.

Fountains, Fireflies, and Bucket of Balls

More AS3 fun. Inpired by Actionscript 3.0 Making Things Move by Kieth Peters. Fireflies.  Ok.  Not fireflies, but it reminds me of them. Fountain. Notice the scale change from birth to death.  It adds a nice dimension. Dump Bucket.  I imagined a bucket of bouncing balls dumped onto the floor.  Classic bouncing ball from traditional animation ramped up.

Asteroids Ship

Lately, I’ve been doing A LOT of administrative work, and I’m tired of it.  Even though I have a shit ton of work to do for ARC, I decided to have some fun and chill out this Sunday.  I loaded up some old flash files of mine.  After having a conversation with an artist in town, it looks like I’ll be doing more AS3 work this summer, so I thought I’d warm up.  This one uses OOP!  The asteroids ship drawing, the asteroids ship animation, and the asteroids ship’s bullets are all independent.  This work is a rebuild of the…

Website Interfacing Prototype

I think this is pretty cool stuff, and I’m proud of my work on this project.  In October of 2008, I was invited to collaborate with Steve Mehallo, Jim Cassio, and Michael Scott to animate a prototype of a new website standard.  I was responsible for creating and programming the animation.  I was also responsible for following Steve Mehallo’s design of the interface to the pixel. I hadn’t used Flash since AS 1.0 days, so I had to learn Action Script 3.0 programming very fast.  I used research material published by Keith Peters to achieve my goal in one month…