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Maya 2015 Preferences Updated

If you are currently in one of my courses at American River College, or you have bought “3D Character Modeling Volume 1”, then this message is very important. I’ve made a major update to my Maya 2015 preferences to reflect the various tweaks that have been made throughout this semester’s courses. Most of the changes are related to how custom scripts are called into Maya. Each script can now be used an a global script, and you are welcome to continue developing the scripts. You can find the scripts in the /2015-x64/scripts folder. I’ve also included the symmetry and live…

5th Planet Games is Hiring

Here’s more great news for 3D/game/animator/illustrator/programmer people in our local Sacramento region. This is a very rare job in our area offered by 5th Planet Games, Flash Animator! And people keep telling me Flash is dead, yeah, sure. Oh, here’s the kicker, you need Actionscript 3.0 experience. Awesome. If I wasn’t already employed… The job post on here. Here’s an article highlighting their growth and expansion. The company started the year with 40 employees. It had 50 employees in March and it now has 60 employees in Roseville and 12 others who work remotely, said Brittany Lease, director of…

LaFlam Games

The independent game developer and Intel programmer, Jeff LaFlam of LaFlam Games, is looking for illustrators for his next game. I had an opportunity to play the game with Jeff, and it is very cool! I can’t say much about the game, but I can say this is a great opportunity for talented illustrators. Learn more about Jeff’s games at and at kickstarter.

Dawnshine Development

This is really good news, and I’m honored to be the recipient of such kind words. Thank you, Brian! Here’s the full article – As for Dawnshine, I’m very glad that I reached out to Professor Matthew Stoehr, chair of the Art New Media Department of the second largest college in Sacramento–American River College. He’s been sending me his students. I’ve been really impressed with the quality of work they’re doing. I actually went to ARC myself starting in the 1990s back when I was determined to major in every single subject ever created before I finally settled transferring…

Meetings with Brian Linville

I’m excited to report I’ve now had two meetings with the owner of Stigma Games, Brian Linville. We have primarily discussed how the 3D programs at American River College, and I can support the development of Dawnshine. Brian is a multifaceted individual with many interesting stories and skill sets. He has the leadership qualities required to accomplish such a large task, and I’m happy to be 100% behind him. This is a great opportunity for any student of mine, as he has made clear in his list of requirements, here. Modelers should be in a or have completed a 4…

Stigma Games

Check out Dawnshine Online a MMORPG started by creative owner Brian Linville. They are currently an unfunded project with the hopes to be picked up by a larger developer or find financial backing. The best part is they are Sacramento locals. All the artists are locals, and they could use a few more talented high poly to low poly modelers. It sounds like they have a lot of good ideas and a lot of people with ideas, but now they need builders (character modelers, environment artists, and asset artists). Check out Stigma Games!