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Work Experience Op. from Design Technology

Students,   This is a letter to me, Matthew L. Stoehr, and other faculty and deans on campus from Design Technology.  A great opportunity to finish certificates in 3D.  This is essentially a Maker Space on campus!  Where engineers, 3D modelers, animators, programmers, scientists, and more come together to make really cool and weird stuff.  I’ve already worked with Randy on several projects, and many of our students are involved.  Here’s a great way to get connected!   Sent:  11/11/2016 Hi Folks, I would like you to know about a new work experience opportunity that is now available to your…

Sherman Tank Earns Checkmate Pro!

The Sherman Tank model is recognized and received Checkmate Pro from! Checkmate Pro isn’t easy to get, and this guarantees our models are well made and ready to go. This model took a year to develop, and is modeled and textured by Brian Jacome. Materials, lighting, and rendering are by me, Matthew. I’ve learned more and more about lighting and color management, and the next one should be even better. The next step is to deliver the rigged and animated version of this tank. Congratulations to Brian Jacome, Jordan Kohler (setting up the tread, teeth, and gears), and my…

Combining Meshes Using Linear Bridge

A couple samples from Introduction to 3D Modeling in Maya, 2nd Edition. Combining Meshes Using Linear Bridge from Matthew L. Stoehr on Vimeo. This is my introduction to combining meshes in Autodesk Maya. From this lesson we explore many variations on combining various polygon primitives and polygon scenarios. Cutting and Combining Meshes at Arbitrary Angles from Matthew L. Stoehr on Vimeo. This is another example of combing meshes in Maya. This scenario is based on the first video, but adds a few variable changes and tools to solve the problem.

How to Identify Problems with a Polygon Mesh Using Subdivision Surfaces

This video is from Chapter 4 of Introduction to 3D Modeling in Maya, 2nd Edition. This video training is in production, and is expected to release this August 2015. This video covers basic techniques for identifying errors with polygon meshes using subdivision surfaces. How to Identify Problems with a Polygon Mesh Using Subdivision Surfaces from Matthew L. Stoehr on Vimeo. How to Identify Problems with a Polygon Mesh Using Subdivision Surfaces

Sherman Tank on Turbosquid!

Sherman M4A3E2 “Jumbo” Tank is delivered! Two members of my team, Brian Jacome and Jordan Kohler, have been working on this Sherman tank for the last year. Brain Jacome was responsible for the modeling and texturing, while Jordan Kohler lead the rigging and UI development. These last several days I’ve been lighting, organizing, making mistakes, and rendering, and rendering some more. Well, it’s finally out the door. At least, the static model is delivered to Turbosquid. Next I’ll work on delivering the rigged version, maybe with a bit of animation. That’s where Jordan’s work will shine. It’s been a pleasure…

Cherrington Construction Company

A couple weeks back I finished a product visualization of a Horizontal Directional Boring device for the Cherrington Construction company. This was a tough assignment, and I was given 10 days to finish the project. The owner wanted the renderings fast, and produce a brochure to take to a conference in Denver. I managed to finish the project in 5 days. I really had to reprioritize my work and family time. The sacrifice made by my family and my own free time was worth it. Martin was very happy with my work, and said all the brochures were taken by…

Coming Soon – An Alligator

This alligator will be sold on Turbosquid, and has taken Jonathan Camacho over a month to model and texture. I’ve spent all day rendering, and going back and forth communicating with Jon on rendering accurate displacement maps. It’s coming together. I’ve trying different lighting scenarios. This rendering took about 5 minutes. High resolution image – 1920 x 1080 – test render

Maya 2015 Preferences Updated

If you are currently in one of my courses at American River College, or you have bought “3D Character Modeling Volume 1”, then this message is very important. I’ve made a major update to my Maya 2015 preferences to reflect the various tweaks that have been made throughout this semester’s courses. Most of the changes are related to how custom scripts are called into Maya. Each script can now be used an a global script, and you are welcome to continue developing the scripts. You can find the scripts in the /2015-x64/scripts folder. I’ve also included the symmetry and live…

Houdini Training

I know more than a few of you are looking for Houdini training. This one looks good, though I haven’t purchased it myself, yet.

Meetings with Brian Linville

I’m excited to report I’ve now had two meetings with the owner of Stigma Games, Brian Linville. We have primarily discussed how the 3D programs at American River College, and I can support the development of Dawnshine. Brian is a multifaceted individual with many interesting stories and skill sets. He has the leadership qualities required to accomplish such a large task, and I’m happy to be 100% behind him. This is a great opportunity for any student of mine, as he has made clear in his list of requirements, here. Modelers should be in a or have completed a 4…

Khan Academy – Mathematics for the Artist

A few weeks ago, my neighbor and friend, whose a truck driver by trade, introduced me to the Khan Academy. Then my own dean introduces Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) to me, and Khan Academy was one of them. Now my school is considering creating or aligning ourselves with one of these MOOC websites. If you don’t know about Khan Academy, then get to know it! It’s amazing. It’s really putting everything I do on a daily basis, in 3D work, into perspective. My career started off with fine arts, but I was always strong in math. I suspect others that…

3D Model: Stylus and Holder

Here’s a stylus and holder I modeled a few years ago.  As a member of Turbosquid, this is my first model to be posted for sale.  It’s yours for a nominal price.

Eldorado Hills Teen Center

In 2004, this pre-visualization was completed for a teen center in the city of Eldorado Hills.  I modeled and textured about half the furniture on the interior.  The structure itself was modeled by Dave Spamer.  Lighting and rendering was also completed by Dave Spamer.  This was my first time modeling and texturing in XSI, and it was a challenge.  At the time, that was XSI version 3.5.

Medical Animation – Stent

Back in June 2010, while helping Dave Spamer with the Tron remake, he asked for some help creating a medical animation of a stent.  Now that all the secret parts have been removed from the animation, here’s the part that I worked on.  My contribution was rigging and shaders for the vessel animation. This is animated, modeled, and rendered in Softimage. Here’s a thread on cgtalk describing some of the curve constraint issues, and the solution I had for Dave’s stent animation. If you’re using Softimage, my advice still applies to all curve rigging or modeling with curves. I stated: For…


The CGTalk FX Wars are held about every two months, and this time they held a competition in honor of the new Tron 2.0. Dave Spamer invited me to help him participate in the challenge. We have created the Tron style light cycle battle (part of it). Dave has been interested in Tron for years, and saw the CGTalk FX Wars as an opportunity to finish what he started years ago. I was responsible for the light trails effect and the setup of multi-pass rendering. I designed a tool that would allow Dave to draw the curves that he needs,…

Thera-P-Fin, by Maria Sclafani

Here’s work completed for my client, Maria Sclafani, in 2006.  Maria asked me to create a visualization of her invention.  She came to me with a homemade modified swimming fin.  It had cloth super clued to a cut rubber fin to demonstrate to me what it should look like.  In addition she had a few crude drawings I then interpreted to create the visual below.  It’s fun and challenging to create something from another person’s mind’s eye.  Maria is seeking a manufacturer to build her product, and uses this visual to promote her ideas.  She now owns the patent to…

Website Interfacing Prototype

I think this is pretty cool stuff, and I’m proud of my work on this project.  In October of 2008, I was invited to collaborate with Steve Mehallo, Jim Cassio, and Michael Scott to animate a prototype of a new website standard.  I was responsible for creating and programming the animation.  I was also responsible for following Steve Mehallo’s design of the interface to the pixel. I hadn’t used Flash since AS 1.0 days, so I had to learn Action Script 3.0 programming very fast.  I used research material published by Keith Peters to achieve my goal in one month…