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SI: Wobbly Textures

Here’s my video response answering a question from CGTalk on how to prevent wobbly textures, or stretching, in Softimage. Basically, the solution is to add edge loops, evenly distributed, across the mesh, and they should be as “square-like” as possible. Wobbly texture occur when one attempts to model as low as possible, then enable subdivision surfaces. The result is a pulling and stretching effect of the texture. This is most obvious on the 90 degree changes of polygons, and is broadly spaced, miss-shaped polygons. Forums – Wobbly Textures in Softimage from Matthew L. Stoehr on Vimeo. Here’s my forum response:…

SI: Decay From Camera

In this six minute video tutorial you’ll learn how to create a custom render tree that will control the value of parameter (decay) based on the distance from the camera. This is essential to controlling displacement maps for deep landscapes, or for special effects, like changing the color of the ground in front of the camera.  Your imagination should go wild with ideas on how to apply this technique once you have a functioning render tree.  In fact, with Autodesk Softimage 2011 you can create a compound of this render tree, and use it as a render tree node.  You…

SI: Bouncing Ball Rigging

From September 2008. The Bouncing Ball Rig – Inspired by and specials thanks to Jason Schleifer. I was one of the lucky few to hear Jason Schleifer teach his Animator Friendly Rigging in person, before he had released the videos. There was special weekend event held at DeNanza Community College in Spring 2006, and Jason had a chance to teach his video content in person, essentially using the invited teachers as beta testers for his teaching. It was quite good, and to this day, still apply in my own teaching what I learned from Jason in a few hours. These…

SI: Eye Lid Rigging

From 2008, experimental course in Art new Media I titled 3D Human Head. In this course we made realistic self-portrait from photographic references. Later in the semester we began the rigging and shape animation process. We ran out of time, but here’s a small video series on eye lid rigging for a realistic character. For the Maya users, find this technique, on pgs 251-253 in Stop Staring 1st Ed., By Jason Oispa. I don’t know if Osipa continues to teach this technique in later editions.