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3D Models

Matthew | September 23, 2010

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Here is a incomplete record of my digital models from 2001 to present day.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2015  - From Introduction to 3D Modeling in Maya, 2nd Edition Training Series

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014  - From 3D Character Modeling Volume 1 Training Series (includes student work)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2013 - An In-class Demonstration of Modeling

Demon Lady - unfinished character I occasionally work on. This work is from the 3D Character Modeling course at American River College called, Art New Media 421, and designed by Lauren Bennett. This course has a prerequisite of Art New Media 420, Introduction to 3D Modeling. Both courses are nearly 100% Autodesk Maya-based, yet this year, Fall 2014, 3D Character Modeling will be 50/50 Zbrush and Maya.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- August 2012 - From Introduction to 3D Modeling in Maya (my first self-publication).

3D Modeling in Maya

For the beginner to intermediate level modeler.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2013 mm-banner-button-general A Model a Day

no images were found

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2010-11 Pottery --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2008 Self Portrait --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stylus and Holder --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2007 The prince, rigged and in the demo reel for 2007 and 2008. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The griffon. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The residence. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The lady, from the Lady and the Lion. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The princess --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The castle. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- In process shots of the development of a landscape, from 2002-3, ultimately used in the final rendering of the Troll in the Decaying Woods. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- In process renderings of the Troll from 2002-3. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The sentry. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

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3D Char. Mod. Vol. 1