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Work Experience Op. from Design Technology

Matthew | November 14, 2016

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This is a letter to me, Matthew L. Stoehr, and other faculty and deans on campus from Design Technology.  A great opportunity to finish certificates in 3D.  This is essentially a Maker Space on campus!  Where engineers, 3D modelers, animators, programmers, scientists, and more come together to make really cool and weird stuff.  I’ve already worked with Randy on several projects, and many of our students are involved.  Here’s a great way to get connected!


Sent:  11/11/2016

Hi Folks,

I would like you to know about a new work experience opportunity that is now available to your students.  I would also like to offer the efforts of these same students and the entire ARC Design Tech Lab in support of any projects, needs, or just plain cool ideas that you may have.  The ARC Design Tech Lab would like to:

  • Provide support to our faculty in their efforts to bring innovative ideas, projects, and methods to their classes.
  • Utilize student expertise and effort to bring completion to a wide variety of interesting projects on behalf of the faculty.
  • Provide a venue in which faculty can collaborate with each other in order try out new ideas to see if they want to implement them in their classes.
  • Provide an opportunity for faculty to provide extra curricular activities to motivated and interested students

Although we are already working on a number of projects for some of you, please feel free to contact me if you have a project (or two) that you would like to discuss and develop so that our work experience students can provide support to you and your program.  Currently we are working diligently on:

  • Sinus Cavity Project
  • Zika Active Site Project
  • MIT OpenAG Food Computer Project
  • CrazyBeaver Product Line (Matt – you need to drop by and see all of the prototypes)
  • Drone – Photogrametry Scanning Project
  • Drone – DieselZilla vs Drone Air Force Project
  • Folsom Zoo – Eagle Talon Reproduction Project
  • BB8 – Production Support for BB8 Project

In addition to project work, students will be asked to work on skill building activities that address the specific industry “work readiness” needs for their discipline.  These activities will include:

  • Drawings
  • Calculations
  • Modeling
  • Reading and understanding specifications
  • Physical Testing
  • Fast Prototyping
  • 3D printing and laser cutting
  • Material resources control
  • Planning, delivery and presentation
  • Peer-to-peer assistance
  • Workstation organization and orderliness

Please contact me if you have ideas for us to work on, and please let your students know about this opportunity as they get ready to sign up for classes:

  • DESGN 298 – Work Experience  Section 20325 and Section 20326 (either one … doesn’t matter which they choose)
  • 1 unit, unpaid student internship … 60 hrs of lab work
    • M-W 1:00 – 4:00 or Friday 8:00 – 2:00
  • Informational Presentation for Your Students
  • I would be happy to drop by your class for 5-10 minutes to go over the details with your students

Thank you,

Randy Schuster

Design Technology

Faculty SLO Assessment Coordinator

Room #19, Tech Ed Offices

American River College

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