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Maya 2016 Preferences

Maya 2016 Preferences Pre-recording

Matthew | July 15, 2015

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This version of Maya 2016 Preferences was created prior to the recording of Introduction to Modeling in Maya, 2nd Edition. These preferences are used just after migrating from Maya 2015. They are nearly identical to my Maya 2015 prefs, but with a few small tweaks. Also, file paths, recent files, recent projects, should all default to your own directories.

Please talk to me,, if you have ANY problems with the preferences.

The keyboard shortcut changes are the following:

  1. Ctrl + d uses my Universal Duplicate, read more about that here.
  2. 8 opens the Outliner.
  3. [ uses the Modeling Toolkit – Connect.
  4. shift + [ uses the Cut Faces Tool.
  5. ] uses the Modeling Toolkit – Quad Draw.
  6. Shift + ] uses the Insert Edge Loop Tool.
  7. \ uses the >Modeling Toolkit – Multi-Cut.
  8. Shift + \ uses the Split Polygon Tool. Use this tool instead of the Interactive Split Tool. (SplitPolygonTool is also on the Polygons shelf).

All other keyboard keystrokes are the same.

To install:

1. Close Maya
2. find the preferences folder on your operating system:
     -- The install path on Windows is Documents/Maya/ 
     -- The install path on MacOS is users/user/library/preferences/autodesk/maya/
     -- The install path for the newest MacOS 
         1. Finder > Go > Go To Folder and enter ~/library
         2. install path is preferences/autodesk/maya/
3. Delete or back-up the 2016 folder, and replace with my 2016 folder.
5. Open Maya.
6. Go to Windows > Settings/Preferences > Hotkey Editor
    -- Refer to Screenshot below
maya hotkeys

maya hotkeys

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