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Maya 2015 Preferences Updated

Matthew | November 2, 2014

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If you are currently in one of my courses at American River College, or you have bought “3D Character Modeling Volume 1”, then this message is very important.

I’ve made a major update to my Maya 2015 preferences to reflect the various tweaks that have been made throughout this semester’s courses. Most of the changes are related to how custom scripts are called into Maya. Each script can now be used an a global script, and you are welcome to continue developing the scripts. You can find the scripts in the /2015-x64/scripts folder.

I’ve also included the symmetry and live modeling scripts made by student Chris Talbott.

Direct download link:

Maya 2015 Prefs

Installation instructions are here
To install:

1. Close Maya
2. find the preferences folder on your operating system:
— The install path on Windows is Documents/Maya/
— The install path on MacOS is users/user/library/preferences/autodesk/maya/
— The install path for the newest MacOS
1. Finder > Go > Go To Folder and enter ~/library
2. install path is preferences/autodesk/maya/
3. Delete the 2015-x64 folder, and replace with my 2015-x64 folder.
4. Add the Maya Script (.mel) files to the maya/scripts folder.
5. Open Maya.

Original Download Page



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