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A Tool to Assist With Relaxing A Mesh

Matthew | October 25, 2014

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This is an excellent addition to my modeling tools. Written by student Chris Talbott. Enjoy!

Use this when your modeling organic characters, and you don’t already have a high-res mesh to live model against. I used this technique in class, and Chris compressed the steps into a single click!

Duplicate and make Live
Version .03
Author: Chris W.A. Talbott

Select a object you wish to make duplicate and make live run the script.

Object will duplicate and rename.
New mesh will be made live and hidden in the outliner,
Reselects the original mesh you chose to duplicate. 


global proc cwat_dupLive()
    string $originalObj[] = `ls -sl`;
    string $objLive[];
    duplicate -rr;
    rename live_msh;
    $objLive = `ls -sl`;
    makeLive $objLive;
    select -r $objLive;
    setAttr ($objLive[0] + ".visibility") 0;
    select -r $originalObj;

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