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maya preferences

Maya 2015 Preferences

Matthew | April 24, 2014

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You are getting the most recent working version of my Maya 2015 preferences.

These Maya 2015 preferences have the same changes as my past preferences with a couple of new tools on the shelf. In particular is the Replace/Add Randomized script, with a UI. These prefs also have my standard color changes (small changes to script editor colors) and a few key tool shortcut changes. I have made many changes to the preferences over the years, and I continue to edit it as I use Maya. This release has a few new shelves with a few of my most commonly used tools, such as Path Constraint. If you’re using any of my old preferences, then please download this most recent prefs and install them.

My default view port uses Viewport 2.0 with DirectX 11.

Closing Maya 2015 can take several seconds or longer depending on your computer. Try disabling unused plugins to speed up opening and closing Maya.

The keyboard shortcut changes are the following:

  1. Ctrl + d uses my Universal Duplicate, read more about that here.
  2. 8 opens the Outliner.
  3. [ uses the Modeling Toolkit – Connect.
  4. shift + [ uses the Cut Faces Tool.
  5. ] uses the Modeling Toolkit – Quad Draw.
  6. Shift + ] uses the Insert Edge Loop Tool.
  7. \ uses the >Modeling Toolkit – Multi-Cut.
  8. Shift + \ uses the Split Polygon Tool. Use this tool instead of the Interactive Split Tool. (SplitPolygonTool is also on the Polygons shelf).

All other keyboard keystrokes are the same.

To install:

1. Close Maya
2. find the preferences folder on your operating system:
     -- The install path on Windows is Documents/Maya/ 
     -- The install path on MacOS is users/user/library/preferences/autodesk/maya/
     -- The install path for the newest MacOS 
         1. Finder > Go > Go To Folder and enter ~/library
         2. install path is preferences/autodesk/maya/
3. Delete the 2015-x64 folder, and replace with my 2015-x64 folder.
4. Add the Maya Script (.mel) files to the maya/scripts folder.
5. Open Maya.

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Maya 2015 Preferences