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Preview of Chapter 5 of 3D Texturing training.

Preview of 3D Texturing Training Chapter 5

Matthew | August 10, 2013

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Here’s yet another preview of my upcoming 3D Texturing training, and this chapter has a TON (2K lbs.) of content. I first take you through Photoshop to create good reference images to use in ZBrush. We make an apple. It’s simple, and perfect for learning a complex process and looks nice in the end. For all the first-timers in ZBrush, I take you through an introduction on how to use ZB. We go on to sculpt the apple in ZB. I spend some time explaining the pipeline of retopologizing objects between Maya, ZBrush, and xNormal. I do the retopo in Maya, and then continue the process of 3D painting in ZB. I show how to create the color, normal, spec, and displacement maps. We bring them back into Maya, and apply the maps to our object. I explain it all in detail (maybe even over explain sometimes), and I show my entire painting process (it’s simple, but it’s all there).

I still have more to do for this chapter, such as demonstrating how to use xNormal to produce texture maps. I have worked for nearly 14 hours on this today, and it’s time to take a break.

Here’s an image of where I ended tonight.

Preview of Chapter 5 of 3D Texturing training.

Preview of Chapter 5 of 3D Texturing training.

This is from the following day of work. This is the final section of chapter 5. Here I create maps in xNormal, and apply those maps in Maya. I show how to make further tweaks to the maps, and add variation through texture. The image below is a preview in real-time.

final apples realtime

A variation of the apples. They are rotting and dipped in radioactive goo.

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