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maya preferences

Maya 2014 Preferences

Matthew | August 28, 2013

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My Maya 2014 Preferences have the standard color changes, and a few key tool changes. I have made many changes to the preferences over the years, and I continue to edit it as I use Maya. You are getting the most recent working version of my Maya preferences. This release has a few new shelves with a few of my most commonly used tools, such as Path Constraint. If you’re using any of my old preferences, then please download this most recent prefs and install them. I do have the Hero Engines “Hero Tools” installed on my end, you can ignore the Hero Tools shelf tab or delete it.

The keyboard shortcut changes are the following:

Ctrl + d now uses my Universal Duplicate, read more about that here.
8 opens the Outliner.
[ uses the Cut Faces Tool.
] uses the Insert Edge Loop Tool.
\ uses the Split Polygon Tool. Use this tool instead of the Interactive Split Tool.
SplitPolygonTool is also on the Polygons shelf.

All other keyboard keystrokes are the same.

To install:

1. Close Maya
2. find the preferences folder on your operating system:
     -- The install path on Windows is Documents/Maya/ 
     -- The install path on MacOS is users/user/library/preferences/autodesk/maya/
     -- The install path for the newest MacOS 
         1. Finder > Go > Go To Folder and enter ~/library
         2. install path is preferences/autodesk/maya/
3. Delete the 2014-x64 folder, and replace with my 2014-x64 folder.
4. Open Maya.

Sorry, 32bit OS users, I no longer have a 32bit version.

One response to “Maya 2014 Preferences”

  1. Matthew says:

    Updated with information on how to find the library on the MacOS.


Maya 2014 Preferences