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3D Texturing Volume 1

Released 3D Texturing – Volumes I and II

Matthew | August 23, 2013

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I just released the video training, 3D Texturing – Volumes I and II, here at! There is over 16 hours of video training. It’s a high quality video, with plenty of markers to navigate your way through the information. Click the images below to find much more information and sample videos. Check it out!

Volume I

3D Texturing Volume 1

3D Texturing Volume 1

Volume 2
3D Texturing Volume II

3D Texturing Volume II

The summary:

3D Texturing will give you the essential skills you need to take your modeling to the next level. From film to games to medical visualization to any other CG 3D industry, this training will guide you from simple primitive objects to complex processes between Maya, Zbrush, and Photoshop. Matthew will show you how to create objects for both film and game, and clearly delineate the differences between processes. Matthew will take you through two very challenging processes. First is the high polygon to low polygon retopologizing process needed for game artists, utilizing xNormal and Zbrush for the maps and Maya for the retopo. The second, Matthew lifts the fog on a tough Maya-to-Zbrush-to-Maya process of transferring highly detailed displacement maps from Zbrush to objects in Maya. He will take you through hours of Photoshop skills needed for the texture artist, and show you how to accurately tile textures, height maps, and more from photographic references, and frequently used tools for the texture artist. If you have no experience in Maya, then I highly recommend you download and train with Matthew’s Intro to 3D Modeling in Maya before beginning your 3D Texturing training. If you have no experience in Zbrush or Photoshop, no worries, Matthew will give you the information you need in these videos. It helps tremendously to have previous experience with traditional or computer generated painting, drawing, and sculpting in clay. This training is designed to meet the needs of a 16 week semester, and is a freshman/sophomore level course. There’s 16 hours and 20 minutes of training. If you do everything this training has to offer, then this training should take you approximately 300 hours to complete. It’s my advice you start at the beginning and work you’re way toward the end.

There’s much more information and sample videos of each section.

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