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Jonathan Camacho

Mobile Games

Matthew | April 19, 2013

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Here’s fabulous article highlighting some of the success of my program at ARC, and our connection to the mobile games industry.

Here’s a snippet.

Video Games Sales Fuel California Community College 3-D Animation Programs to Provide Workforce Pipeline
Many students hired by companies right after graduating with certificate or associate degrees

Sales of video games and consoles each year continue to eclipse the market for movies, both in ticket sales and purchase of DVDs. The video games industry has become big business and now encompasses not only the Playstations and XBOXes in living rooms, but smartphones and tablets where people can play anywhere, anytime.

So who creates the games? Certainly the industry giant, Electronic Arts, has many of the top-sellers in its sales stable including the Call of Duty and Madden football franchises that have sold more than 150 million units worldwide. But more and more the true mavericks in the industry are community college students taking courses in 3-D animation, computer modeling, multimedia production and earning certificates and associate degrees, and turning those into jobs at game design studios. Nearly a third of the 112 California Community Colleges offer some type of computer generated 3-D animation courses.

“I started recruiting game designers at the Arts Institute but soon found that students with two-year degrees or certificates were better designers than students with four-year degrees who I found to be grossly unprepared and horribly in debt,” said Brian Linville, owner of Sacramento-based Stigma Games. “I get far better results from the community colleges than I do the trade schools.”

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