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A character that requires mirroring.

Mirror Instance On X

Matthew | April 27, 2013

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Here’s a very simple yet handy tool. I was tired of digging in the menus to simply mirror an object as an instance, so I wrote this little thing. I’ll share more of what I’m making as I get closer to completion. For now you can enjoy the back side of the character.

A character that requires mirroring.

A character that requires lots of mirroring.

I have hair guides, clothing, jewelery, and other bits and pieces to create that requires mirror each time. This tool speeds up the process, and took a mere two minutes to write.

Mirror Instance On X
Version .01
Author: Matthew L. Stoehr

Mirrors an object as an instance
using the classic inverse scale


proc mls_mirrorInstanceOnX()
    string $sel[] = `ls -sl`;
    int $objCnt = size($sel);
    for($i=0; $i<$objCnt; $i++)
        string $inst[] = `instance -n ($sel[$i] + "_inst")`;
        xform -ws -scale -1 1 1 $inst[0];        

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