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maya preferences

Maya 2013 Preferences

Matthew | March 1, 2013

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My Maya 2013 Preferences have the standard color changes, and a few key tool changes. If you’re using any of my old preferences, then please download this most recent prefs and install them. I discovered a problem attempting to install the Hero Engine shelf with my Maya 2011 or 2012 preferences.

The keyboard shortcut changes are the following:

Ctrl + d now uses my Universal Duplicate, read more about that here.
8 now opens the Outliner.
[ now uses the Cut Faces Tool.
] now uses the Insert Edge Loop Tool.
\ now uses the Split Polygon Tool.
SplitPolygonTool is also on the Polygons shelf. Use this tool instead of the Interactive Split Tool.

The install path on Windows is Documents/Maya/ replace the 2013×64 folder with mine.
The install path on MacOS is users/user/library/preferences/autodesk/maya/ Same thing here, replace the 2013×64 folder with mine.

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Maya 2013 Preferences