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Meetings with Brian Linville

Matthew | January 10, 2013

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I’m excited to report I’ve now had two meetings with the owner of Stigma Games, Brian Linville. We have primarily discussed how the 3D programs at American River College, and I can support the development of Dawnshine. Brian is a multifaceted individual with many interesting stories and skill sets. He has the leadership qualities required to accomplish such a large task, and I’m happy to be 100% behind him. This is a great opportunity for any student of mine, as he has made clear in his list of requirements, here.

Modelers should be in a or have completed a 4 year college degree, have completed a class taught by Matt Stoehr, or be at an equivalent skill level.

Your chances of working for Brian Linville are even greater by earning one or more of the four 3D certificates at ARC and securing a good recommendation from me. I’ll be assisting Brian wherever I can, currently helping with the recruitment, Maya to Hero Engine issues, and problem solving of rigs and other related technical issues. I’ll be attending the game meeting this Sunday, to gain a sense of what’s going on in the project, and assist the character technical directors.

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