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texture stretching wobbly

SI: Wobbly Textures

Matthew | September 21, 2012

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Here’s my video response answering a question from CGTalk on how to prevent wobbly textures, or stretching, in Softimage. Basically, the solution is to add edge loops, evenly distributed, across the mesh, and they should be as “square-like” as possible. Wobbly texture occur when one attempts to model as low as possible, then enable subdivision surfaces. The result is a pulling and stretching effect of the texture. This is most obvious on the 90 degree changes of polygons, and is broadly spaced, miss-shaped polygons.

Forums – Wobbly Textures in Softimage from Matthew L. Stoehr on Vimeo.

Here’s my forum response:

Hmm, well it has been my experience to do something similar to what you discovered. However, you may be able to prevent a large increase of polygons by carefully adding supporting edges to prevent the subds from “pulling” on the mesh so hard.

Keep your polygons “square-like” and evenly distributed, and the texture stretching (along with other problems) won’t be as noticeable.

Oh, and best I have right now is to conceal the seam.

Oh, and don’t rely on the subdivide tool in the Create menu. Unless you had planned to use it, don’t use it. You’re better off surgically adding edge loops to prevent the stretching. For future modeling, plan for the subdivide tool to assist you in generating higher density meshes for textures, weight maps, collisions, etc.

I’ll attempt to produce video response from now on for this type of content, and I’ll target my students. Meaning, I’ll try to educate those who know the least on these subjects, and have the most to gain. I hope to break down some of those educational barriers that tend to prevent one from moving forward. Especially in Softimage. It’s far too valuable to not learn.

Find the video at

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