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Khan Academy – Mathematics for the Artist

Matthew | September 23, 2012


A few weeks ago, my neighbor and friend, whose a truck driver by trade, introduced me to the Khan Academy. Then my own dean introduces Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) to me, and Khan Academy was one of them. Now my school is considering creating or aligning ourselves with one of these MOOC websites.

If you don’t know about Khan Academy, then get to know it! It’s amazing. It’s really putting everything I do on a daily basis, in 3D work, into perspective. My career started off with fine arts, but I was always strong in math. I suspect others that choose the computer 3d animation field are similar to me. Strong in math, went to arts school, but never really had motivation or the right teacher for learning math and it’s applications.

I believe learning math is essential to being successful in our field. So, for the artist’s out there… Imagine, at the very least, understanding what is happening in the ICE tree, not just from the artist’s perspective, but from the mathematician’s and engineer’s perspective.

Anyway, go make an account and learn all you can, then come back to 3D and apply it. I’m already addicted.  

Update 8/2018:  My daughter, now age 8 ( and very soon my son),  have their own accounts, and Khan Academy has been very helpful in their daily math learning.  And it doesn’t feel like homework to them, and they love to “play” on Daddy’s big computer (since most of the time it’s off limits).  🙂  My wife and I are now at a point financially where we donate to charities, church, causes, and random people.  Khan Academy is pleasing my wife so much so that it is her top consideration for larger donations.

2 responses to “Khan Academy – Mathematics for the Artist”

  1. StevenTruong says:

    I’ve actually heard about this website from a YouTube contributor, Vihart, who is a “mathemusician” at Khan Academy. Here’s one of her videos:

    She takes a very artistic look at math with her videos (not numbers, just doodles). I haven’t checked out the site much, but it does look interesting. There appears to be a growing trend in MOOCs coming online.

    Such as, if people are interested in coding, but don’t know where to start, there’s Again, I’ve only skimmed it and as far as I can tell, it has some really basic stuff. But it would be great for beginners to get a feel for coding.

  2. Dimir says:

    I suck at math. It comes from the fact that I missed the basics somewhere as a child, and never cared enough to learn them afterwards. I see now that it was a mistake and pay for it by not being able to do simple addition or subtraction without stopping whatever I am doing and using most of my focus to do a few simple mathematical calculations. I have high hopes for this site. I really like the format. I think that free learning sites are great, and will definitely pass the knowledge to others. Thanks!

    As a side note, I came across a free language learning site. It’s still in it’s early stages, but I really like the way it works teaches basics, strengthens them, and then adds to what you already know. If you need a break from becoming a Math Grand Wizard the site is

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