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Particles Again

Matthew | December 9, 2011


I’ve created several variations of the particle system, and here’s one of them. I’d like to expose a bunch of the variables to the user. Then you’d have interactive control over the creation of the particles. Maybe as an app for mobile devices…

Here it is. Hover your mouse over the circle in the center to get the “feel” for the particles. Holding shift while clicking on the particles will spawn more, and click + dragging will allow you to move them around.

Update April 18, 2012

3 responses to “Particles Again”

  1. Martha Catalina says:

    and holding Alt while clicking on particles will freeze them. Cool!

  2. Martha Catalina says:

    Alt-Ctrl slows them down – easier to control them within the large circle.

  3. Matthew says:

    Hi Martha,

    I’m not sure what you’re seeing, but alt and ctrl keys do nothing to the particles. Only shift allows spawning and dragging.

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