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Particle System

Matthew | November 30, 2011


Inspired by the work I’m doing at Elara Systems Inc., learning and training ICE in Softimage, I’ve reopened some files from 2008. This is created in Flash AS3. It has three classes, a particle systems, emitter, and particle. Click once to start, then click any particle to spawn more.

5 responses to “Particle System”

  1. TimGoranov says:


  2. Matthew says:

    Is that all? Just popcorn? What would you like to see with this? Would you buy this as a phone app?

  3. Martha Catalina says:

    Circles, planets, fish, dimonds, money, etc, etc. The particle system has potential.

  4. douan says:

    did u use scripting for this as well?

  5. Matthew says:

    Yes, this is Actionscipt 3.0, Adobe Flash language. Also known as AS3.

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