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Maya: Wireframe Rendering

Matthew | October 2, 2011

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Courtesy of a former student’s guidelines, Scott Grasso, here’s a video demonstrating how to set up a mesh for wireframe rendering for a sub-division surface mesh. It’s quite simple, and I like that. This is perfect for setting up your demonstration reel. With a little more planning, the wireframe can be rendered on a white constant shader, and then multiply that render with the beauty pass to showcase the wireframe over the final render.

from the training video on wireframe rendering

Wireframe Rendering

One response to “Maya: Wireframe Rendering”

  1. Damon Lyon says:

    How would you “multiply” with another pass? Although I’m clear on the principle (in fact combining an AO layer with wireframe is my intention), I’m not positive how it would be done.

    Do you have to use a second program, such as Final Cut Pro and combine batch renders, or is it possible to do more of the procedure in Maya?

    Also, I heard that Maya 2012 added options that would be helpful in creating a wireframe view. Is that true?

    Any help is appreciated.

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