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Training video on modeling with booleans in Maya.

Intro to Modeling, Booleans

Matthew | September 25, 2011

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In this video I cover intersecting polygon meshes at arbitrary angles using booleans. I place strong emphasis on good planning of the geometry prior to the execution of the boolean. In particular, we’re looking for a clean four point polygon and edge loop flow. The boolean itself will not generate the necessary edge flow, so I’ll show you the interactive split tool, duplicating faces (to create the new mesh from an existing mesh), and merging of vertices, using Merge Vertex tool and Merge, to finish the boolean cleanly. I don’t think a person will need the model created, but I do think it’s good practice to try and combine odd forms together with irregular polygon flow; just to see if it can be done and practice your problem solving skills. In class, we use this technique to add a wooden dowel to a japanese wood doll’s hair, like a chop stick holding her hair in a bun.

Training video on modeling with booleans in Maya.

Booleans Done Right

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