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SI Modeling Tools

SI: Modeling Tool Set

Matthew | September 19, 2010

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Here’s the modeling tool set toolbar from my Intro to 3d Modeling course when we used Softimage XSI.  It’s an xsiaddon, so just drag and drop into an empty view port.  Once installed, you can find the toolbar under the menu, View > Toolbars > formandspace_modeling.  Let me know if there are any problems installing or running them.

The coolest tool in there is the quickLevel. I like to map it to the tilde key. It’s a simple toggle between sud-division surface set to level 3 and sub-ds set to level 1 with discontinuity angle set to 0 degrees. Zero degrees so the artist can see the facets of the mesh as they sculpt.

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Softimage Modeling Toolset