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ball rig

SI: Bouncing Ball Rigging

Matthew | September 19, 2010

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From September 2008.

The Bouncing Ball Rig – Inspired by and specials thanks to Jason Schleifer.
I was one of the lucky few to hear Jason Schleifer teach his Animator Friendly Rigging in person, before he had released the videos. There was special weekend event held at DeNanza Community College in Spring 2006, and Jason had a chance to teach his video content in person, essentially using the invited teachers as beta testers for his teaching. It was quite good, and to this day, still apply in my own teaching what I learned from Jason in a few hours.

These videos are from the course Art New Media 429, Rigging and Rig Building (formerly ARTNM 421 3D Character Modeling and Rigging), at American River College in Sacramento, California. They are the first three weeks of rigging training. I cover the theory and discuss the setup more thoroughly in the classroom, but the following 40 minutes will get you up and running. I hope you enjoy these few videos. Post your questions or comments. For individuals who have not spent much time rigging, then these videos are perfect for you.

The project directory has all the files you need. Use the Project Manager to add the project to XSI. Then you’re good to go!

Updated 2:15 PM 2/16/2009, added XSI 6.0 – 6.5 compatible models.
Updated 3/4/2013, course number changed.

Note:   I haven’t reviewed these videos in a long time. If something has significantly change in Softimage recently, then please inform me.

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Ball Rigging in Softimage