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Tron CGTalk FX Wars


Matthew | June 22, 2010

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The CGTalk FX Wars are held about every two months, and this time they held a competition in honor of the new Tron 2.0. Dave Spamer invited me to help him participate in the challenge. We have created the Tron style light cycle battle (part of it). Dave has been interested in Tron for years, and saw the CGTalk FX Wars as an opportunity to finish what he started years ago. I was responsible for the light trails effect and the setup of multi-pass rendering. I designed a tool that would allow Dave to draw the curves that he needs, select the curves, and generate the trails. I also created the material effect for the glow in the trail. I struggled with the lattices used for the light trail effect. I found I could only created the trail in two dimensions, and never able to overlap itself. Someday I’ll return to this problem and create a trail effect that can be created anywhere and overlap itself, maybe even cut into itself.

It’s unfortunate this was blown into a larger animation. We had a lot of potential. I would have loved to direct the shots, but I knew this was Dave’s project and stuck to solving technical issues.

Click the image to see the animation.

Tron CGTalk FX Wars

Tron CGTalk FX Wars

Tron CGTalk FX Wars 2

Tron CGTalk FX Wars 2

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