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Bag Rig

Ulysses Unzueta is a student at Animation Mentor, and was a student of mine.  He needed the bag rigged for his scene, so I helped him out.  After studying his blocked shot I decided it was best to treat the bag as though it were a spine rig.  Only thing missing is FK joint chain for the spine.  I’ll add it later.  Here is Uly’s work in the refining stage. In this shot, the bag and the rig for the bag is my contribution.  The character, Stewie, is a character from the Animation Mentor online school. You can have the…

Adaptive Rigging

After a conversation with my student, Jake, I was reminded of some old research and experiments I did between April and July 2007 with adaptive rigging.  I spent my summer off from teaching trying to recreate Bernard Haux’s excellent rigging work.  I don’t think my work was nearly as clean as Mr. Haux’s, but I was tapping into some good ideas for character freedom.  The traditional animators of Disney were free to draw and not be limited by the technology’s or the technical director’s limitations.  They could make marks on paper, over and over again.  Their two primary tools are…