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Thera-P-Fin, by Maria Sclafani

Matthew | March 11, 2010


Here’s work completed for my client, Maria Sclafani, in 2006.  Maria asked me to create a visualization of her invention.  She came to me with a homemade modified swimming fin.  It had cloth super clued to a cut rubber fin to demonstrate to me what it should look like.  In addition she had a few crude drawings I then interpreted to create the visual below.  It’s fun and challenging to create something from another person’s mind’s eye.  Maria is seeking a manufacturer to build her product, and uses this visual to promote her ideas.  She now owns the patent to her invention, and has given me permission to share the work I’ve done.  I look forward to seeing her make her first sale, and look forward to the next invention!

I’ve included the three variations of Maria’s design from 2004 – 2006.  Click the images for the movies.  The first, 2004, was modeled in Lightwave and rigged, animated, and rendered in Messiah (back in my “test-every-software” days).  The second, from 2005, was rendered, modeled, and animated in Lightwave.  The last, from 2006, was completed in XSI 4.2.


The Thera-P-Fin, by Maria Sclafani, 2006

aqua thera p fin 2005

Aqua-Thera-P-Fin, by Maria Sclafani, 2005

fin 2004

Aqua Thera-p-fin, by Maria Sclafani, 2004

2 responses to “Thera-P-Fin, by Maria Sclafani”

  1. mariapete says:

    I have personally made the two-piece set working prototype, can you believe it? The first VR you produced for us was very handy; I also produced a much better looking one-piece set, as well.
    Keep in touch.

    Maria and Pete Sclafani

  2. Matthew says:

    Hi Maria and Pete! Very nice. Can you post a photo of your prototype?

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