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Sketching Waves and Dynamics

Matthew | March 14, 2010

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Waves Experiment

In August 2008, I was experimenting with building sine waves into my rigs, and I used this weird cactus object for the testing grounds.  Click the image to see the results and the control panel.  I was able to offset each wave to a unique object along the branch.  In case you’re wondering what the weird surface is, it’s a cube instanced onto the surface using a hair object.  It’s all very simple and fun to play with.

Later, around April 2009, I created dynamic tree branches that had secondary animation.  As the root was oscillated with a sine wave the branches would respond dynamically.  Each branch can be animated manually and can have the dynamics blend in and out.  I never did get to the stage where I could build these things automatically.  At least, not this dynamic branch.  This branch was made in an hour, so it’s not very usable.  It’s purely for experimental purposes; sketching, if you will.


Dynamic Branches Experiment

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