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troll in landscape lightwave

Troll and the Decaying Woods

Matthew | February 23, 2010

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I’m going to start this website with an old image. Lot’s of friends and students have asked me, “Where did your troll go? Did you produce anything with it?”  Well, no. It collected dusk in the hard drive. It was a pain to rig and animate. I didn’t know what was the best for character animation in those days, so I eventually left this piece behind and moved forward. However, seeing it does inspire me to make monsters again! This time, monsters that move!



Date: 2002-03

Software:  Newtek Lightwave 6.5,  Bauhaus Software, Mirage 1.0 (formerly Newtek Aura)

Process:  The Troll is box modeled. The textures are highly manipulated photographs of some of Ohio’s finest woods. The background is a tree generated with an old Lightwave plug-in, free to use.  The ground is a mesh painted using weights. Finally, the tree and ground are procedurally textured using gradients, distance from objects, and other procedural techniques.

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